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1:1 Coaching 

What specific tasks need to be done to achieve your goals? And maybe more importantly, how will you do them?  That’s where the real trouble lies. It’s not in sketching out a rough map. It’s forging the path and staying true to your goals without becoming distracted that will trip you up and leave you endlessly dreaming and never quite doing. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. So many times we let go of our dreams when life gets too hectic. I will help you find a way to stay on track, and regain your footing…even when life hits you sideways.

Content Creation 

You have a million ideas, but have no idea where to start!  Or, you have a folder full of content, but don’t have the time or how no idea how to post on your blog. Stop being overwhelmed with where to start, or how to create engaging blogs and beautiful graphics.  I am here to help you set up your blog, and create stunning graphics that you will be proud to share across social media.

Other Services

I can create custom packages, or you can work with me on an ala carte basis!

Book Covers

Ebook cover creation and graphics for the inside content.

Private Lessons

Personal lessons on journaling and vision board creation..

Social Media Graphics

Social covers and graphics.

Personalized Coloring Pages

Inspirational coloring pages customized for you.

Book Editing

Editing and cleaning up of existing content.


Personalized printables, planners, or inspirational posters. .

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