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I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist™, and the Editor In Chief of The Best Unexpected, a membership community and inspirational website that help’s women navigate through life’s unexpected moments. My membership helps women by providing grief support, creative outlets such as journaling prompts, adult coloring books, and monthly personal growth workbooks.

Every woman I know is feeling overwhelmed, and is struggling because they are pressured to be perfect and feel they are failing. Grief is something that we are all dealing with in many facets of our lives, yet it is not spoken about or is often only associated with death. Grief can come from divorce, job frustrations, illness or self doubt. I provide a curated space where they can find the resources and support they need to move forward, or just find creative healing and reflection.

My true journey though started 6 years ago with my best friends terminal cancer diagnosis and the loss of my daughter at 20 weeks.  I started to put my heart and soul into learning about personal development, grief and growth. 71b1ab

My work and writings have been featured in in magazines such as Self, Allure Korea,, CBS Watch!, and Women’s World Daily. My blog has been syndicated through the The Today Show, Chicago Sun Times, Huffington Post,, Type F, USA Today,,, and Yahoo Shine.

Currently, I have two books published on Amazon that help women use coloring and gratitude journaling to help them move forward after unexpected hardships.

My passion is to help dismantle the stigma surrounding grief, and give women the tools they need to rebuild their heart and life.  My goal is to change the conversation around grief, and help people learn how to compassionately connect with others (and themselves) instead of stuffing down our grief.  My membership site gives women a curated community of support and resources to help them move forward and find hope during these times.

Formally, I was an LA-based Makeup artist and the founder and editor in chief of the popular beauty blog “The Makeup Blogger”, which had a readership of over 60,000 visitors a month, and a social media following of over 550,000 on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I have filmed over 180 videos for Style channel, and been featured multiple times on Huffington Post Live.