About Me

Christina Lerchen is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and the editor in chief of The Best Unexpected, a lifestyle and inspirational website that help women and men navigate through life’s unexpected moments. Her membership helps women by providing grief support, creative outlets such as journaling prompts, adult coloring books, and monthly personal growth workbooks.

“It is my passion to help people find a place where they can find tips, workbooks, and guidance to help them create their best life, even when life hits hard.”

Through her work within the grief community, she has realized that entrepreneurs face isolation that can stop them from going after their goals, due to the grief and overwhelm of building a business online. Her coaching and design help provides the support, encouragement and counseling they need to create a fulfilling business online.

Her work and writings have been featured in magazines such as Self, Allure Korea, Lucky.com, CBS Watch!, and Women’s World Daily. Her blog has been syndicated through the Chicago Sun Times, Huffington Post, Lucky.com, Type F, USA Today, Answers.com, Ehow.com, and Yahoo Shine.

It is her goal that her work, and resources might guide you to an easier way to work, to live, or just to find a moment to breathe.

Formally, Christina was the founder and the editor in chief of the popular beauty blog “The Makeup Blogger”, which had a readership of over 60,000 visitors a month, and a social media following of over 550,000 on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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